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Think, Africa. Kenya...Think!

French_FreddyPosted by Fred Wed, June 13, 2012 04:35PM

As an idealist pacifist humanist with a barrage of flaws and contradictory ideas, running away from some notion of peculiar perfectionist ideals, I believe nothing is impossible. We think it and so it is. I think impossible, therefore it is.

Attitude is overrated and has highly been commercialized and sensationalized in the past odd decade or Kenya and Africa at large. We went from meek 'fuata Nyayoism' to overzealous 'Haki Yetu!isms' practically overnight, and in that way shifted the very tread-lines on the wheels of change.

All very well and good.

Where it became a problem was when, as is ever so blatantly obvious in Kenya and to a certain extent East Africa, attitude began being peddled as a commodity. As a brand that could be imbibed tele-kinetically without having to be practised and / or perfected.

I speak, good people and otherwise, about the Imagine This Nation campaigns, the Najivunias and Brand-Vision-Stimuli macho bravado we the chest-thumping buffoons and ignorance buffs have been drip-fed for so long now that even the smarter Kenyan / African - and I tread very lightly on the word smarter - has been relegated to an obliviously euphoric walking template convinced on premises of nonexistent Utopia.

This is not a script from Zombies™ ©, the reality TV show from your daily existence. Or lack thereof it. This is not about you. Neither is it about me, and especially not about me sitting here, cozied up in posh Kampalan Suburbia on the hospitality of a human who was a total stranger all of 15 hours ago. Much less about me poisoning you with lyrical logic.

It is about the Son of Africa. He may rise in the western bliss and dancing lights of hopeful horizons and fattening piggies and piggy banks, but he sets in the dingy dinghies in eastern docks, the cyclicly redundant errors of blissfully arrogant ignorance.

Think, Africa! Yes you are, you can and

are going to be alright.

All you need do, is think,


and actually,


"There is never failure, ever;

there is only ever feedback."

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Posted by Petie Nike (TNLC) Mon, June 18, 2012 05:40PM

thought s are very original and you cant imitate thoughts .you dare imitate then you defaulting the actuality .

Posted by Petie Nike (TNLC) Mon, June 18, 2012 05:37PM

wow!that's great Fred-its from how well we allow our brains to work(think) that we expect response(feedback). If you are not just and fair with your thoughts ,then you expect instability in your actions and behavior hence negative results and vice-verse .