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Nixon' thoughtsPosted by Petie Nike (TNLC) Tue, June 12, 2012 06:13PM

Very grateful presentation from mahatria, trans-formative full of withheld revelation of withheld obvious truth to human life style. From mahatria's talk we really triggered to become conscious of the things that we know ,we experience and really affects as without knowing or when knowing. We understand ourselves more than other people can. Therefore its our responsibility to choose which are the best decisions we should take to solve conflicts within ourselves and among us.

“INTENTIONS” the purpose as to why we engage in different activities plays a big role in our lives .You should be able to think about what you have to put into the relationship and not what you want get from it.” giving is better than receiving. You look at how impactful are you to others for you to trace how successful you .i.e. by looking on the number of lives you have been able to change you can measure your success and not by looking at what you have gotten from your relation. Our expectation in relationship is very vital when not appropriate .i.e. expect to give and not to be given and you will find it easier ,stress free and unconditional love and peace possessed in you and those in your vicinity. E.g. when a father educates his sons and daughters with expectation of getting help from them when the are through with education and fails to get it or fill that he delaying to get then ,he may loose love and peace with his children because of the purpose he has to his children. But when he thinks on what is the best that he can do for the children ,will automatically have love and peace with the children and the family. .i.e. think of your contribution in something and not your achievement in. But look at the impact of you contribution to measure you progress and effort.

“ACCEPTANCE “is the key to getting solution to situations in life. Accept your past because has passed and you cant do anything about it, accept yourself because you cannot change your being to someone else ,accept the situations you are in because you got nothing to do about it .e.g. a traffic .by accepting the fact that that particular thing is already in and you got no control over it, it gives you humble time to think about something else that is more constructive than think about the issue that is there for song that worsens your reactions builds up to Avery big problem. The more you hold on something the heavier it becomes and you are UN able to withstand. LEARN TO ACCEPT THE PASSED ,DROP THEM AND MOVE AHEAD.I.E “we should not use our present to dissect our passed but to construct our future.” use your today’s experience to create your tomorrow and not dissecting your yesterday and it has passed ‘’




Let’s accept our past, ourselves and others for us to find solutions and retain love peace within ourselves. Love for one and for others shows that we devoted in one spirit and created by the same GOD.WE SHOULD be able to demonstrate this love within us boldly to others and to ourselves. And this can be through the way we great one another in love and one spirit, through the way we interact with our fellows and our parents. We have to show full interest and commitment to whoever you are sharing with and not get influenced with anything e.g. youth tend to love their phones most than their parents and friends .and therefore tend to give half attention to their phone and half to you. This does not show love come respect to whoever in concern .and you find it deteriorates relationship.

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