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My thoughts about life and about my dreams and visions.

I would like to see the world moving to a better place


Nixon' thoughtsPosted by Petie Nike (TNLC) Tue, June 26, 2012 07:14PM
However much you struggle getting to your destiny .so long us you remain persistent with your steps that you know they are the right one that will lead you there where you want to be.remain stable within your stands ,don't be swayed off by what you see ,what you experience ,what you hear or what what you are gotten to engage in.stick on what you are engaged in yourself because it's you and your spirit ,your mind that can only prophesy your life ,visiolise it ,dream it and implement it by following the right procedure of your own and not what other do.This is because differ in capabilities,abilities and thoughts and therefore we can't make same decisions.BEING SELF-IS THE MOST ESSENTIAL THING THAT ONE CAN EVER BE .BUT IT'S NOT EASY FOR PEOPLE TO ACCEPT THEMSELVES OF WHAT THEY ARE,WHAT THEY CAN DO OR AFFORD.AS A RESULT THEY LIMIT THEMSELVES FROM REACHING THEIR GOALS IN LIFE SINCE THEY GIVE THEIR KEYS AWAY AND TEND TO USE OTHER PEOPLES KEY TO OPEN THEIR WAY.IT HAS NEVER WORKED LIKE THIS BEFORE UNLESS IT STARTS WITH YOU TO USE A DIFFERENT KEY TO OPEN LOCK THAT IS NOT MEANT FOR.STICK TO YOUR KEYS AND MAKE GOOD USE OF THEM AND THEY WILL DO FOR YOU WHAT YOU WANT .I.E YOU WILL BE ABLE TO ACCESS YOUR WAY AND TRACE IT,STUDY IT AND FIGURE OUT ON HOW BEST YOU CAN GET THROUGH!!!!!smiley

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Nixon' thoughtsPosted by Petie Nike (TNLC) Mon, June 25, 2012 06:56PM

Had a lousy morning? Things looking grim?

Not to worry. The rest of your day need not be a disaster. It can in fact become one of your best, providing you take these simple steps:

1. Remember that the past does not equal the future.

There is no such thing as a "run of bad luck." The reason people believe such nonsense is that the human brain creates patterns out of random events and remembers the events that fit the pattern.

2. Refuse to make self-fulfilling prophesies.

If you believe the rest of your day will be as challenging as what's already happened, then rest assured: You'll end up doing something (or saying) something that will make sure that your prediction comes true.

3. Get a sense of proportion.

Think about the big picture: Unless something life-changing has happened (like the death of a loved one), chances are that in two weeks, you'll have forgotten completely about whatever it was that has your shorts in a twist today.

4. Change your threshold for "good" and "bad."

Decide that a good day is any day that you're above ground. Similarly, decide that a bad day is when somebody steals your car and drives it into the ocean. Those types of definitions make it easy to be happy–and difficult to be sad.

5. Improve your body chemistry.

Your body and brain are in a feedback loop: A bad mood makes you tired, which makes your mood worse, and so forth. Interrupt the pattern by getting up and moving around. Take a walk or eat something healthy.

6. Focus on what's going well.

The primary reason you're convinced it's a bad day is that you're focusing on whatever went wrong. However, for everything going badly, there are probably dozens of things going well. Make list, and post it where it's visible.

7. Expect something wondrous.

Just as an attitude of doom and gloom makes you see more problems, facing the future with a sense of wonder makes you alive to all sorts of wonderful things that are going on, right now, everywhere around you.

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Nixon' thoughtsPosted by Petie Nike (TNLC) Mon, June 18, 2012 06:31PM
if you want to make a change in life then you must start thinking different from the way you used to think.if want anything you never had ,then you must do something that you you have never done before.if you want to change you performance then you should change at least your ways of study,acquired attitudes you let them go.and move on with your changed trend .in that you expect difference in performance.

INFUENCEmost of the Africans are swayed of by the influence they get from personal experience or from others.and this is impaction because are able to accept the past and move with their life's.they use their current to dissect their past performance and as results ends up thinking backwards and not forward .they think away from success towards failure.Change your definition of the word failure or success.

failure-is the stoppage ,breakdown in the process of approaching your success.and you only become a failure when you fail to understand that stoppage is just a symbol to show that your success is a head of failure and you give up.''failure and success are the products of the same process'' live real life and not by the histories but use histories to make a difference

i.e don't live your parents life or your relatives life. Don't perform poorly because of the perceptions of the others towards the school studying in.

Be an individual and place your history to look exotic to the ones in existence.>>>>>aim to make and diffrence from everything that you get don't leave as a copyright - live an original you and in your own uniqueness .as you know "

Our strength lies in our differences ‘and weaknesses in our similarities"remain outstanding standard while others are standing-;)smiley

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Nixon' thoughtsPosted by Petie Nike (TNLC) Tue, June 12, 2012 06:13PM

Very grateful presentation from mahatria, trans-formative full of withheld revelation of withheld obvious truth to human life style. From mahatria's talk we really triggered to become conscious of the things that we know ,we experience and really affects as without knowing or when knowing. We understand ourselves more than other people can. Therefore its our responsibility to choose which are the best decisions we should take to solve conflicts within ourselves and among us.

“INTENTIONS” the purpose as to why we engage in different activities plays a big role in our lives .You should be able to think about what you have to put into the relationship and not what you want get from it.” giving is better than receiving. You look at how impactful are you to others for you to trace how successful you .i.e. by looking on the number of lives you have been able to change you can measure your success and not by looking at what you have gotten from your relation. Our expectation in relationship is very vital when not appropriate .i.e. expect to give and not to be given and you will find it easier ,stress free and unconditional love and peace possessed in you and those in your vicinity. E.g. when a father educates his sons and daughters with expectation of getting help from them when the are through with education and fails to get it or fill that he delaying to get then ,he may loose love and peace with his children because of the purpose he has to his children. But when he thinks on what is the best that he can do for the children ,will automatically have love and peace with the children and the family. .i.e. think of your contribution in something and not your achievement in. But look at the impact of you contribution to measure you progress and effort.

“ACCEPTANCE “is the key to getting solution to situations in life. Accept your past because has passed and you cant do anything about it, accept yourself because you cannot change your being to someone else ,accept the situations you are in because you got nothing to do about it .e.g. a traffic .by accepting the fact that that particular thing is already in and you got no control over it, it gives you humble time to think about something else that is more constructive than think about the issue that is there for song that worsens your reactions builds up to Avery big problem. The more you hold on something the heavier it becomes and you are UN able to withstand. LEARN TO ACCEPT THE PASSED ,DROP THEM AND MOVE AHEAD.I.E “we should not use our present to dissect our passed but to construct our future.” use your today’s experience to create your tomorrow and not dissecting your yesterday and it has passed ‘’




Let’s accept our past, ourselves and others for us to find solutions and retain love peace within ourselves. Love for one and for others shows that we devoted in one spirit and created by the same GOD.WE SHOULD be able to demonstrate this love within us boldly to others and to ourselves. And this can be through the way we great one another in love and one spirit, through the way we interact with our fellows and our parents. We have to show full interest and commitment to whoever you are sharing with and not get influenced with anything e.g. youth tend to love their phones most than their parents and friends .and therefore tend to give half attention to their phone and half to you. This does not show love come respect to whoever in concern .and you find it deteriorates relationship.

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Nixon' thoughtsPosted by Petie Nike (TNLC) Mon, May 28, 2012 04:48PM

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Nixon' thoughtsPosted by Petie Nike (TNLC) Mon, May 28, 2012 04:44PM

Your character is he/she, who you believe in, trust in and can do. It’s yourself responsibility to identify and select what’s good for you and others. i.e. know that every action you do in life has an impact to anyone of your concern .Okay !first do you know who are your concerns ?There is the essence of education to every human being though some take for granted and others take it as a waste of time but not. Education can be in two notions:where one has to go to school to acquire knowledge & it’s a continuous process .:one has to learn from the environment which is more of history of the community acts .This involves both the negative & the positive impacts of the acts.

For you to succeed in life you ought to be yourself . Don’t be principled by the environment.And you can only do that when you can define yourself i.e. know who you are meant to be, what are your potentials & weaknesses ,be aware of the persisting challenges and have a picture of yourself ,be aware of the negative influences that can mess you up but let the positive outdo the negative ,welcome the history of your community and other communities as well.Know that whatever you do / undergo you will be accountable for it & and what you plant it’s you to reap .whether good or bad. And every decision you make now defines your destiny.Behind there a universal truth that says a” focus grows.” What’s your focus? Is it positive or negative?


Never wait to learn from experience .This is because it gives you a test first before a lesson & corollary are un predictable.

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Nixon' thoughtsPosted by Petie Nike (TNLC) Tue, May 22, 2012 07:46PM
....what you is what you are capable of knowing,what you can do ,afford and run if where you are capacitated at that particular moment.not what you are meant to one leaves who s/he is buts to run from the reality and that's why we are challenged in life since we run from the exact approach to life yearning to acquire new means by force before the time.(((((its only when we understand who we are ,where we are ,where we should be which the best steps meant for us to follow for us to be there that we shall be able to meet our targets in life and be able to overcome challenges.acceptance of who we are ,what we managed to go through whether bad or good,tough or soft,succeeded or failed.that we can be able to move on .learn to accept the past an d move on with the current which will lead to the future,appreciate your capabilities and potentials in your performance and use challenges to create new techniques or means to achieve what you didn't get in the past but don,t use them as the times of laying down your excuses of what you you should have that you will be denying yourself "change" by blaming yourself by not doing what already you didn't do"relate this to exam situation .stand in an awe of all that you are going to do ,face and your expectation.

come -on lets move away from blaming ourselves and from being real.
anyone who is not real to himself/herself lies to himself/herself and there diminishes the chances of him getting to his/her destiny."learn to forgive yourself fully and accept the past".

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Nixon' thoughtsPosted by Petie Nike (TNLC) Fri, May 11, 2012 01:19AM
The great things does not come from the big things that one does but from the slight deference that we can make in our life in the way we think,the way we act ,the way we behave and the way we can talk to others about others or about ourselves.
10th/05/2012 we had a very impactiful training that touched everything related to how we perceive life and the decisions that we make forward which we do not consider the repercussion in long term or short term period.
we end up doing thing because we please our self or because we want to please other only have to think of what you have to do ,say ,act or talk we think of the best and most appropriate way to do it.
From the personal experience that Fred talked about, "having shower after every two weeks taught me many things about life .Actually taught me that from what we do we can get courage from it,we earn respect from it ,we can be able to interact with wider or limited group and in this tells whether we in indent to to be in diverse world or in isolated world .Te world we expect to be i probably depends on how a may people we can be able to network with .and the more you network the more you build on your corporate world and enhances opportunities in your life and this make one change .:"the successful person looks in opportunities from the problems but failures will look into threats in the problems.From clerestory we find that when he had focus over life ,this denied him freedom to confront his dad ,resulted him loose many things .i.e girl friend and eventually loosed his job.this tells us that we should look in to what we are doing and consider the effects on either parts.therefore whatever we do can either worsen the situation or better the situation.And we should understand that its our responsibility to decide what to ,when to it ,who to do with ,what we need from the deed .
The key outstanding word reconciliation .you have to learn how to reconcile with yourself,whatever you are going through,what you went through and what you expect go through .challenges are the times you shlould lay excuses but they for keeping you very strong."if we want to change ,we must allow our mind s to slightly think defferent ,do some thing different that you never deed before and things will give you a change that you deserve.

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