Students Thoughts

Students Thoughts

Student's thoughts

My thoughts about life and about my dreams and visions.

I would like to see the world moving to a better place


Nixon' thoughtsPosted by Petie Nike (TNLC) Tue, June 26, 2012 07:14PM
However much you struggle getting to your destiny .so long us you remain persistent with your steps that you know they are the right one that will lead you there where you want to be.remain stable within your stands ,don't be swayed off by what you see ,what you experience ,what you hear or what what you are gotten to engage in.stick on what you are engaged in yourself because it's you and your spirit ,your mind that can only prophesy your life ,visiolise it ,dream it and implement it by following the right procedure of your own and not what other do.This is because differ in capabilities,abilities and thoughts and therefore we can't make same decisions.BEING SELF-IS THE MOST ESSENTIAL THING THAT ONE CAN EVER BE .BUT IT'S NOT EASY FOR PEOPLE TO ACCEPT THEMSELVES OF WHAT THEY ARE,WHAT THEY CAN DO OR AFFORD.AS A RESULT THEY LIMIT THEMSELVES FROM REACHING THEIR GOALS IN LIFE SINCE THEY GIVE THEIR KEYS AWAY AND TEND TO USE OTHER PEOPLES KEY TO OPEN THEIR WAY.IT HAS NEVER WORKED LIKE THIS BEFORE UNLESS IT STARTS WITH YOU TO USE A DIFFERENT KEY TO OPEN LOCK THAT IS NOT MEANT FOR.STICK TO YOUR KEYS AND MAKE GOOD USE OF THEM AND THEY WILL DO FOR YOU WHAT YOU WANT .I.E YOU WILL BE ABLE TO ACCESS YOUR WAY AND TRACE IT,STUDY IT AND FIGURE OUT ON HOW BEST YOU CAN GET THROUGH!!!!!smiley

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