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Students Thoughts

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My thoughts about life and about my dreams and visions.

I would like to see the world moving to a better place


Nixon' thoughtsPosted by Petie Nike (TNLC) Mon, June 18, 2012 06:31PM
if you want to make a change in life then you must start thinking different from the way you used to think.if want anything you never had ,then you must do something that you you have never done before.if you want to change you performance then you should change at least your ways of study,acquired attitudes you let them go.and move on with your changed trend .in that you expect difference in performance.

INFUENCEmost of the Africans are swayed of by the influence they get from personal experience or from others.and this is impaction because are able to accept the past and move with their life's.they use their current to dissect their past performance and as results ends up thinking backwards and not forward .they think away from success towards failure.Change your definition of the word failure or success.

failure-is the stoppage ,breakdown in the process of approaching your success.and you only become a failure when you fail to understand that stoppage is just a symbol to show that your success is a head of failure and you give up.''failure and success are the products of the same process'' live real life and not by the histories but use histories to make a difference

i.e don't live your parents life or your relatives life. Don't perform poorly because of the perceptions of the others towards the school studying in.

Be an individual and place your history to look exotic to the ones in existence.>>>>>aim to make and diffrence from everything that you get don't leave as a copyright - live an original you and in your own uniqueness .as you know "

Our strength lies in our differences ‘and weaknesses in our similarities"remain outstanding standard while others are standing-;)smiley

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