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Students Thoughts

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My thoughts about life and about my dreams and visions.

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Nixon' thoughtsPosted by Petie Nike (TNLC) Mon, May 28, 2012 04:44PM

Your character is he/she, who you believe in, trust in and can do. It’s yourself responsibility to identify and select what’s good for you and others. i.e. know that every action you do in life has an impact to anyone of your concern .Okay !first do you know who are your concerns ?There is the essence of education to every human being though some take for granted and others take it as a waste of time but not. Education can be in two notions:where one has to go to school to acquire knowledge & it’s a continuous process .:one has to learn from the environment which is more of history of the community acts .This involves both the negative & the positive impacts of the acts.

For you to succeed in life you ought to be yourself . Don’t be principled by the environment.And you can only do that when you can define yourself i.e. know who you are meant to be, what are your potentials & weaknesses ,be aware of the persisting challenges and have a picture of yourself ,be aware of the negative influences that can mess you up but let the positive outdo the negative ,welcome the history of your community and other communities as well.Know that whatever you do / undergo you will be accountable for it & and what you plant it’s you to reap .whether good or bad. And every decision you make now defines your destiny.Behind there a universal truth that says a” focus grows.” What’s your focus? Is it positive or negative?


Never wait to learn from experience .This is because it gives you a test first before a lesson & corollary are un predictable.

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