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I would like to see the world moving to a better place

BLISS OF LOVE- inf in it is the m -infinitheism -Mahatria

VisitsPosted by pettie kaddie Mon, June 11, 2012 03:01PM
For anyone who ardently desires abundance in any sphere of human endeavour - spiritual, emotional and material, infinitheism is the path that provides breakthroughs and allows the human spirit to realize its humongous, boundless potential.
1). Lord you're always or always my God
2). Drop our EGO
3). Acceptance
4). Emotion (equation of Emotion)
5). Set your super standard values higher than what people expect from you
6). Relax
7). Enter in any relationship with what you want to give not what you are expecting in return.

I stand in AWE of MAHATRIA- transforming souls and human lives! he started it very simple and clear "Lord you're always or always my God" Insh'Allah!

we are all united in one spirit despite of our greatest EGO and our SUPER STANDARD VALUES; its only when we realize and DROP our ego that all things will come onto us freely, with ego all things tend to get away from us. In life we fail again and again because of our ego, we want people to see what we are doing and recognize us and what we want to get from it as return. Enter in any relationship with what you want to give and no t what you expect to get in it. This will lead to direct success in any relationship, be it in families, organizations, friendships, working places/partners and many others.

Emotions create great damages in our lives, where by there's simple equation of emotion which can turn tables very easily:
things we can't control +Acceptance= POSITIVE RESULTS
things we can't control + not accepting = NEGATIVE RESULTS
There are certain things we can't control and there's completely nothing we can do about them, like the perfumes one should use, whether it stay sunny or it rains, the congregation in your speeches, how people should treat you and many others- the only solution is to accept and continue. without acceptance its like when you stand under an orange tree to plunk mangoes, you can't continue coursing an orange tree for not giving you mangoes.
there's only two things you are supposed to do;
1). Either you face the reality and move a head to look for mangoes or
2). Accept to
plunk the oranges and get going
This is what most of us are facing in life, we stick on to the things that are wasting us and our time instead of looking for options or facing the reality of things by accepting what has happened and make change relax and move on with life making new steps in life.

In life we are used to only two columns of the happenings in our lives its either success or failure, right or wrong, adventure or explore, we have dropped the third column of MISSED OPPORTUNITIES! things we can't control plus not accepting are our missed opportunities! Despite of our missed opportunities we couldn't achieve today or do anything about them your Friday is today and your Sunday still to come tomorrow.

Today is your Friday you don't have peace tomorrow is your Sunday He is going to resurrect and give you peace

Today is your Friday you don't have money tomorrow is your Sunday He is going to resurrect and give you money

Today is your Friday you don't have education tomorrow is your Sunday He is going to resurrect and give you education

Today is your Friday you don't have friends tomorrow is your Sunday He is going to resurrect and give you friends

lastly and not most, if you feeling you are not loved, then your approach is wrong just try to love a little bit more people and you will realize how much you are loved!!!!

set your super standard values higher than what people expect from you

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Nixon' thoughtsPosted by Petie Nike (TNLC) Mon, May 28, 2012 04:48PM

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Nixon' thoughtsPosted by Petie Nike (TNLC) Mon, May 28, 2012 04:44PM

Your character is he/she, who you believe in, trust in and can do. It’s yourself responsibility to identify and select what’s good for you and others. i.e. know that every action you do in life has an impact to anyone of your concern .Okay !first do you know who are your concerns ?There is the essence of education to every human being though some take for granted and others take it as a waste of time but not. Education can be in two notions:where one has to go to school to acquire knowledge & it’s a continuous process .:one has to learn from the environment which is more of history of the community acts .This involves both the negative & the positive impacts of the acts.

For you to succeed in life you ought to be yourself . Don’t be principled by the environment.And you can only do that when you can define yourself i.e. know who you are meant to be, what are your potentials & weaknesses ,be aware of the persisting challenges and have a picture of yourself ,be aware of the negative influences that can mess you up but let the positive outdo the negative ,welcome the history of your community and other communities as well.Know that whatever you do / undergo you will be accountable for it & and what you plant it’s you to reap .whether good or bad. And every decision you make now defines your destiny.Behind there a universal truth that says a” focus grows.” What’s your focus? Is it positive or negative?


Never wait to learn from experience .This is because it gives you a test first before a lesson & corollary are un predictable.

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Nixon' thoughtsPosted by Petie Nike (TNLC) Tue, May 22, 2012 07:46PM
....what you is what you are capable of knowing,what you can do ,afford and run if where you are capacitated at that particular moment.not what you are meant to one leaves who s/he is buts to run from the reality and that's why we are challenged in life since we run from the exact approach to life yearning to acquire new means by force before the time.(((((its only when we understand who we are ,where we are ,where we should be which the best steps meant for us to follow for us to be there that we shall be able to meet our targets in life and be able to overcome challenges.acceptance of who we are ,what we managed to go through whether bad or good,tough or soft,succeeded or failed.that we can be able to move on .learn to accept the past an d move on with the current which will lead to the future,appreciate your capabilities and potentials in your performance and use challenges to create new techniques or means to achieve what you didn't get in the past but don,t use them as the times of laying down your excuses of what you you should have that you will be denying yourself "change" by blaming yourself by not doing what already you didn't do"relate this to exam situation .stand in an awe of all that you are going to do ,face and your expectation.

come -on lets move away from blaming ourselves and from being real.
anyone who is not real to himself/herself lies to himself/herself and there diminishes the chances of him getting to his/her destiny."learn to forgive yourself fully and accept the past".

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A Well Told Story | Inspiring Kenyan Youth

French_FreddyPosted by Fred Fri, May 11, 2012 11:57AM

A "text-savvy" continent. A superhero. The man; behind a mask of routine as a reporter, wielding superhuman ability to reach and change lives; telescopic vision, carrying the world around him on his shoulders. And...wait for it; he's not Clark Kent. This isn't Kansas, Smallville. He's African. This is Kenya, to be precise.

He got on stage with one goal in mind. To change the future with one story. That story. The same story relished by 62% of school kids in Kenya. A story of taking responsibility...of taking action, not tossing around blame. A story of courage. A story called courage.

As Rob Burnett got off the stage, it was hard not to think man this guy's good. Not just the fact that he totally demolished the stage with a crisp, timely, innovatively designed presentation full of well-balanced graphics. It was more the fact that he spoke about an idea already spreading more than the darkness seems to at Kenya Power.

From Well Told Story: A good comic makes you laugh or cry and it opens up your heart and your mind to new ideas.

Shujaaz. The Swahili version of a pre-antisemitic post-Mad Max Bravehearts. Maybe with a little less gore and tragedy; at least in the man-kill-man-in-senseless-close-quarters-rusty-jembe-acting-as-a-blade-combat sense.

Shujaaz is the story of a young Kenyan comic book character turned live action figure cum DJ. DJBoi, sorta like some Kenyan bloggers and tweeps I like to call Mass Anone (anonymous), airs his own progressive mindset change agenda from the comforts of his makeshift radio station. Where he beats many slacktivist citizen journos is in his viral self leadership initiative. Influencing the people physically around him to change for the better.

This reminds me of post I just read, from one of my students at True North Leadership College:

Excerpt from Nixon's post at Student's Thoughts

This despite all the trauma and hardship he faces, like many of his fellow students, living in the Nairobi slum. Like the creative team at Shujaaz fm, he has not let the world dictate his ambition; he defines his own purpose in life. This is a story bloody well worth telling. An idea truly worth spreading.

And a bright young man rearing to have a go at the world.

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With great Responsibility comes great Power

French_FreddyPosted by Fred Fri, May 11, 2012 11:50AM
Be clicked on the link to correct the error in my heading into "With great power comes great responsibility". No? Ok...then you must have known that I was trying to pull some wool over your eyeballs. That not it either? One last shot at it then...third time charm and all - you just knew that with such a title the post would HAVE TO be interesting. No?

Well in whichever case you'd be disappointed. Because it's not an error. Am not into the fabric business, so no wool here either. Maybe just a hint of fabrication. And of course I'm not here to tell you anything you don't know. So how could it be interesting?

She needed - and still needs - no introduction. Yet like the TED@Nairobi MC, I feel the need to introduce her. She shouldn't have had to - and still doesn't have to - care so much for the world YOU live in, yet she makes me want to share the sentiment. Every single one of the four times I have spoken to Paula Kahumbu this past month.

Calmly clenched fist punched the air at Braeburn, cool lull of nature filled the silence in the hall as she projected her passion for the ecosystem to a captured audience. All that was missing in the picture was a broom, preferably a Nimbus of Firebolt, perhaps an invisibility cloak and headless Nick or two red-haired troublemakers, et voila.

Paula's brilliance imbued the #TEDTalentSearch wavelength with such ferocity that I could bet you no-one dropped a gram of litter all day the next day. Her plea for a balance between mankind and wild-kind was so infectiously affectionate that I for one felt sorry for the lions killed in Maasailand. Much in spite - and malice - of the fact that they encroached on the morans's homesteads and got what was coming their way. Spears...and one man's poison.

"Lions are a National Symbol for Kenya," asserted Paula, during the TED@Nairobi talent search last Saturday, Braeburn High School Lavington.

See her talk at Pop!Tech in Camden, 2009.

I am certain she intended to complicate our understanding so - the understanding that there are two sides to encroachment on nature. That much as the lions were in the wrong place at the sharp pointedly wrong time, that land was once theirs to roam freely in.

My freshman year communication skills lecturer said, in 2007, that we as listeners should not be swayed by our perceptions of anyone as they give a talk. I have never begged to, but I feel the need to differ with her today, all of 5 years later. Because with Paula, it's impossible not to flow with perception when you lend her a stage.

See Chief Nyamweya's work as captured by @afromusing, TED@Nairobi

Because with Paula, it's not a matter of power coming with responsibility. She takes responsibility everyday...and everyday, her power to change the world rises to greater heights. She on many occasions calls former President Moi's burning of ivory in the eighties "a massive global political statement."

She is wrong.

How? Here's how. Paula Kahumbu is THE "massive global political statement". Even without trying to be. Because she does not try to be.

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'T' for Turere: A Story of Initiative

French_FreddyPosted by Fred Fri, May 11, 2012 11:15AM
Sometimes to err is human, and to human is to exaggerate. I've been guilty of many exaggerations in my posts, and a lot more take-my-head-off-and-smash-it-onto-a-drum melodrama. This, however, is no exaggeration.

Do you have an 11-year old in your homestead? Does he skate like Evan Doherty and drive you crazy like a Kenyan matatu with his occasional falls off his prodigious pedestal? Maybe your kid even says the times table to the nth power? Impressive, aye? Well meet Richard Turere and get a bit depressingly impressed.

At the age of 11, I had made out with - and told on - about 11 girls since kindergarten and gotten over them. At 11, Turere had faced LIONS; conquered, gotten over them and all!!!. I kid you not, Samson. And no, ladies and lions do not have any similarities. Save for the retractable claws.

Here's how the cradle of brilliantkind did it. Without any knowledge of electronics or advanced art in science, Richard faced the possibility of losing his responsibility and livelihood as a cattle-herder in the plains of Kenya to the Man Eaters of Kitengela. Impossible odds, no? How about learning that he actually cared about the lions almost as much as he did his cattle, and did not see them as expendable creatures? Impossibler odds?

Well if anyone embodies possibility, this idea worth spreading is the young Turere. He came up with a system of dancing lights using a car battery and bike indicators, strategically lined along his homestead's fence. All this from the observation that lions did not like [read 'scampered off like little kitties'] at the sight of a flickering torchlight. And in this simple innovative way, complicated as Kenyan politics for a kid who shoulda been doing his tortuously impractical 8-4-4 homework, Turere avoided this:

Lion project - The face of predation

He has now, at age 13, graced Brookehouse Schools with his presence: on a full scholarship to meet and interact with dozens of bright young Kenyans like himself - or lesser even - and have the same sort of impact but on a bigger scale. Kudos to Brookehouse for that, but even more kudos should go to Paula Kahumbu for finding the young prodigy, and the most kudos to Turere for taking initiative. Not for being a part of the solution; for being the ONLY solution that the neighbourhood he lives in has in the face of predation.

Food for thought, that, Mr List-all-the-problems-Kenya-has-NEVER-the-solution. And of course am not about to forget you, Mrs Oh-My-Nailpolish-spilled-over Oooh-that'll-make-a-cool-tweet!

So you say the 'T' in T-Pain stands for Teddy? No way! Turere patented #Winning long before we had the hashtag! He now also joins FabLab. Inspired yet? I'll hazard a guess it's either that or utter standing ovation while inwardly green as a pea pod. The time to act is NOW!

See Photos of Turere and the Lion Light at @PaulaKahumbu's post, WidlifeDirect

[Blogger @french_freddy's earlier posts can be found in the Diary of a Serial Schizo]

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Simon Mwangi's thoughtsPosted by Simon Mwangi (TNLC) Fri, May 11, 2012 01:24AM
It is my attitude at the beginning of a difficult task which, more than anything else, will affect It's successful outcome.Its also my attitude that will enable me get rid of the "buts" and start talking of an achievable task; thanks to Jane Kaburo and Cathy from Rotaract Mashariki for such an inspiration in my life. Now i can draft my proposal without fear of it not going through.
"Ability is what you're capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it."
Lou Holtz .

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