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Self Leadership ClassesPosted by True North Leadership, Martine Sat, May 05, 2012 12:01PM

Leadership ... is it possible to lead others if you cannot lead yourself?
I am wondering what I was taught in management classes ... It used to be so clear, that I would easily teach it to my students ...

Now it is clear in a very, very different way.

Leadership and management used to be connected, yet Leadership is about holding the Vision and Leading the way where management is about Performance and Actualizing the Visions.

During Business School I think it was one mix, and more about what you can do to lead others, I actually cannot recall a single lesson of SELF LEADERSHIP.

Now, as I lead myself, it is a completely different stream of consciousness leading others, because they either come, or they don’t, and this is defined by what I offer them in my self leadership.

People who walk together in leadership will share the similar values, have shared visions, and part of these visions can be to learn and understand more.... also understand from our differences.

I am wondering how the old models of leadership apply in today’s shifting world. In Kenya we are on a highway, and it is moving fast. Development in terms of communication and logistics is enormous, and I seem to be re-evaluating my strategies for following my vision every 6 months. There is no holding on to the original plan, it is change, and to be in this world, I must be in readiness to change with it and possibly before it.

This is why Self Actualizing in a business is essential. And Self Actualizing can only happen if the people involved in the process are ready to lead themselves – so Self Leadership.

The question is how to reach Self Actualization and how to teach and train Self Leadership and how to keep it upJ This is where Neuro Semantics comes in as an amazing tool. More about that.

Below examples of Self LEadership where students are cleaning the school, or making jokes on getting classrooms ready for training:-)

We have trainings 2 days a month in Self LEadership, which is mainly based on training in Neuro Semantics

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