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Coaching students from Norway

CoachingPosted by Anette Forsén Bache (Norway) Tue, May 08, 2012 02:17PM

Coaching one of Martines students has been a very interesting and educational experience for me!!

He is at the same age as several of my coachees and at the same time his life is so different. His has such a hard life compared to Norwegian youngsters.

And then at the same time, I see that working with challenges has the same pattern in his life as in others. In metacoaching we coach within frames and states, not feelings and content. Because of this, I can coach him even though I don’t know too much about his life or culture.

And then we talk, not coaching, about his life and mine, we often have a good laugh about the differenceJ

My learning is being more aware of coaching on frames and states, not content. Coaching him gives me good experience doing this. Just because I really do not quite understand his life, but I truly respect his challenges.

Thank you Martine for giving me this opportunityJ You are doing a wonderful job for these students and I love to be a tiny part of itJ

Anette :)

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