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Greener pastures

EventsPosted by True North Leadership, Martine Wed, May 09, 2012 09:36PM

True North Leading towards a greater environment

I study her face as it changes into one big smile, Charity (Kenya Forest Service), certainly passionate about what she does, as is Betty (NEMA) who is sharing the story of the tent blowing away at “Corner Baridi” while they were doing a tree planting .... “I know now why it is called Corner Baridi”.

My thoughts go to the cold, windy place with the little church at the top, and while Betty’s hands demonstrate how the tent disappeared and flew somewhere all on its own, I am visualizing the tree planting session that we are now arranging in Ngong Hills.

250 people, and if it does not rain, it could easily be more, 30 of them preferably in our T-shirts, being students at True North Leadership College. A healthy environment is also True North, and we do believe that this should be part of us in many different ways. Most likely all will be with soil up to their elbows, and big smile on their faces as they make new life grow in the Ngongs, as a pre event leading up to World Environment Day in June. This is arranged by KIM and NEMA with many other stakeholders onboard, KFS being lead in the preparations of the ground and seedlings.

5000 seedlings are to be planted on the 5 hectares of land on 19th May, mainly coming from the community, the local Masai community will be participating in this event of planting sustainable seedlings in the hills, seedlings of trees that are indigenous to the area, and which should have a chance of surviving the harsh climate in the windy hills.

I ask Barnabas what made him choose his job, and he tells me that already his grandfather was into forestry and gave him the passion for planting and growing trees when he was just a young child. I can see in his eyes that he is truly passionate about what he does through his work in Kenya Forest Service, and that passion must have been passed on to all others working with him.

I can’t wait to see this passion for a greener Kenya being passed on to all of us at True North! How wonderful it would be if we can make some green social entrepreneurship projects.

Who is up for that????


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Politics and Social Media

EventsPosted by True North Leadership Fri, May 04, 2012 08:59PM
I am curious to know your point on the influence social media can have on politics.

Sunny Bindra (from his talk at KIM April Forum) is certain that social media will be cleaning up politics, as it is holding politicians accountable, and as comments can travel incredibly fast on twitter.

It is no longer a world of command and control, and we can use social media as a force for good.

What is your point of view on this? Have a look at

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KIM Social Media

EventsPosted by True North Leadership Fri, May 04, 2012 08:41PM

Mindblowingly great to be overgifted by Sunny Bindra, Joe Muchero, and Al Kags spreading their words from the front of the room.

The possibilities of Google nowadays are just overwhelming, and I am still wondering what the next big thing will be, as we are moving on to the coming months of this year.

2 years ago I was still wondering what twitter is

5 years ago I was trying to get my head around the concept of blogging, and I remember the constant refusal of understanding the visuals of it

The same time I think I entered the world of Facebook, while wondering how that could absorb people's focus and time as was it a play station game.

1994 I was introduced to this New Big Thing called Internet.... before the search engines such as yahoo and google were around, or perhaps they were, but I did not have a clue, so my first teacher in Internet showed me how I could type a word in the head and if nothing came up, then it was not on the internet.

Hmm, today it is all done differently, and Apple has showed us how to float on a screen while working on serious stuff, perhaps even seated in a read lounge sofa, or with the feet in the water at Sankara:-)

The world is coming closer, at least in the way we perceive it, and with that time is changing with a speed that makes us throw away our strategic 10 year plans after a year. Al Kags nailed it beautifully; We can't make a 5 year strategic plan! In marketing we can only thing 1 year ahead. NAkumat is not going to be the same in 2 years.....

It gives new meaning to planning, and to the requirements of strategic thinking.

As I combine this with Sunny Bindra views on the necessity of keeping your laundry clean, as social media today will wash the dirty laundry in public. We are in need of a strong focus on VALUES!!!!!

Lets keep the spirits high, and the values even higher, and let us look at what is actually needed and what makes people happy:-) Lets use social media to take us to the next level

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