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MindspeakPosted by pettie kaddie Sun, April 29, 2012 09:41AM
through mindspeaks I've met and socialized with many people, and surprisingly I realized most of them need mentors on realization and visualization!! If not they need to undergo trainings of self leadership; this drives me to my point, first to tell my fellow students in and the whole community of True North Leadership College that we are the luckiest and we should count ourselves blessed through her "Honour" madam Ann Martine Kappel sponsoring us SELF LEADERSHIP TRAININGS which has changed our 'thinking pattern', realization and visualization into POSITIVE THOUGHTS and PLANS.

I like the last presenter he did a nice and had a clear presentation, however he gave the reason being that he has done a lot of presentations many years, but some have poor presentation skills and answering of questions.

some people shy off being asked question like: their highest values, visions, what motivates them and even sharing their ideas with others!! some thing life must be lived and not earned!!

To quote from the last mindspeak on Base Resources Ltd (Kwale Mineral Sands Resources) I shared selfleadeship programs with someone, BEFORE, he told me "whether you think positively or act positively at the end of all this still death awaits for us and we will die with your good or bad, achievements or fails so just approach the life the it comes!!!!!"
AFTER, that's after sharing selfleadership program on the power of mind, he said "he said it's his responsibility to choose the life he wants and not to approach the life the way it comes!! has a lot to work on, has realized that it's all about him and nobody else" and promised to attend our school sponsored selfleadership trainings without failing whenever we have them and invites him.

most people and organizations are dying of this trainings and they always say Madam Martine to offer it has school based program and they are willing to pay the fee and learn it!! Reason being that they admire it however, most organizations haven't realized it......... I urge my fellow students "whatever you reap here try to share it out their, change someones life/thoughts out there and we shall grow into RESPONsIBLE communities and nation thus branding our TRUE NORTH LEADERSHIP COLLEGE!!!

"Even in a crowd be the change you want to see"

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