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I would like to see the world moving to a better place


Nixon' thoughtsPosted by Petie Nike (TNLC) Tue, June 26, 2012 07:14PM
However much you struggle getting to your destiny .so long us you remain persistent with your steps that you know they are the right one that will lead you there where you want to be.remain stable within your stands ,don't be swayed off by what you see ,what you experience ,what you hear or what what you are gotten to engage in.stick on what you are engaged in yourself because it's you and your spirit ,your mind that can only prophesy your life ,visiolise it ,dream it and implement it by following the right procedure of your own and not what other do.This is because differ in capabilities,abilities and thoughts and therefore we can't make same decisions.BEING SELF-IS THE MOST ESSENTIAL THING THAT ONE CAN EVER BE .BUT IT'S NOT EASY FOR PEOPLE TO ACCEPT THEMSELVES OF WHAT THEY ARE,WHAT THEY CAN DO OR AFFORD.AS A RESULT THEY LIMIT THEMSELVES FROM REACHING THEIR GOALS IN LIFE SINCE THEY GIVE THEIR KEYS AWAY AND TEND TO USE OTHER PEOPLES KEY TO OPEN THEIR WAY.IT HAS NEVER WORKED LIKE THIS BEFORE UNLESS IT STARTS WITH YOU TO USE A DIFFERENT KEY TO OPEN LOCK THAT IS NOT MEANT FOR.STICK TO YOUR KEYS AND MAKE GOOD USE OF THEM AND THEY WILL DO FOR YOU WHAT YOU WANT .I.E YOU WILL BE ABLE TO ACCESS YOUR WAY AND TRACE IT,STUDY IT AND FIGURE OUT ON HOW BEST YOU CAN GET THROUGH!!!!!smiley

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Nixon' thoughtsPosted by Petie Nike (TNLC) Mon, June 25, 2012 06:56PM

Had a lousy morning? Things looking grim?

Not to worry. The rest of your day need not be a disaster. It can in fact become one of your best, providing you take these simple steps:

1. Remember that the past does not equal the future.

There is no such thing as a "run of bad luck." The reason people believe such nonsense is that the human brain creates patterns out of random events and remembers the events that fit the pattern.

2. Refuse to make self-fulfilling prophesies.

If you believe the rest of your day will be as challenging as what's already happened, then rest assured: You'll end up doing something (or saying) something that will make sure that your prediction comes true.

3. Get a sense of proportion.

Think about the big picture: Unless something life-changing has happened (like the death of a loved one), chances are that in two weeks, you'll have forgotten completely about whatever it was that has your shorts in a twist today.

4. Change your threshold for "good" and "bad."

Decide that a good day is any day that you're above ground. Similarly, decide that a bad day is when somebody steals your car and drives it into the ocean. Those types of definitions make it easy to be happy–and difficult to be sad.

5. Improve your body chemistry.

Your body and brain are in a feedback loop: A bad mood makes you tired, which makes your mood worse, and so forth. Interrupt the pattern by getting up and moving around. Take a walk or eat something healthy.

6. Focus on what's going well.

The primary reason you're convinced it's a bad day is that you're focusing on whatever went wrong. However, for everything going badly, there are probably dozens of things going well. Make list, and post it where it's visible.

7. Expect something wondrous.

Just as an attitude of doom and gloom makes you see more problems, facing the future with a sense of wonder makes you alive to all sorts of wonderful things that are going on, right now, everywhere around you.

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Committing to Peace

MKEYNYA DAIMAPosted by True North Leadership, Martine Sat, June 23, 2012 11:26AM

True North Leadership is proud to announce that we are supporting MKENYA DAIMA.

The primary purpose of the MKENYA DAIMA campaign is to inspire all Kenyans towards peaceful elections and a better Kenya for all.

By elections coming closer the image of the post election violence of 2007/08 seems to be waking up – and it is core that each one of us takes up our responsibility to keep the peace and by this also ensuring that Kenya can continue its development and growth.

The human potential here is amazing!
Just imagine where this nation can be in 2020 already if even 20% of the youth is passionate about growth and transformation towards a greater nation.

We are already seeing the viral effects of the Hubs of entrepreneurship and IT. The creativity and the skills!! and I wonder what the percentage is now of youth having access to unleashing their potential. Our Human Potential is the pillar in this nation.

Unleashing this potential even partly will by far allowing us to reach Vision 2030J

“mwana-nchi sio mweny-nchi”
(The ordinary citizens are not children of the nation but owners of the nation)

What if the time and energy used on revenge, jealousy, taking others down, and fighting would be used towards building a better quality of life? I am wondering what changes this could make for you? For your neighbour? For your family? For the community?

True North Leadership will participate with our competencies in Self Leadership and as I commit myself as an individual Human Being and the organization as such including True North Leadership College, I also know that many of our students have already committed themselves at working towards this.

I am asking you, our students, can I get a commitment from you to

1. Participate in MKENYA DAIMA by being inspirational pillars towards peaceful elections?

2. To assisting in bringing awareness and training to youth leaders in Nairobi as well as up country?

3. To being part of bringing out the message of high values such as peace, integrity, focus on purpose, impartiality, awareness, care, unity?

I know that already now you do it. This is through a structure where an amazing team of highly professional people have come together – mobilizing strengths in many different areas – areas such as

· Presidential debates on TV and Radio

· Music

· Meetings at high level

· Media

· Conflict management

· Leadership

· Workplace programmes


True North Leadership provides Transformational Education and Training that changes people’s lives.


True North Leadership is leading in Actualizing Leadership and in Creative Social Entrepreneurship for Socio-economic Growth.

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Nixon' thoughtsPosted by Petie Nike (TNLC) Mon, June 18, 2012 06:31PM
if you want to make a change in life then you must start thinking different from the way you used to think.if want anything you never had ,then you must do something that you you have never done before.if you want to change you performance then you should change at least your ways of study,acquired attitudes you let them go.and move on with your changed trend .in that you expect difference in performance.

INFUENCEmost of the Africans are swayed of by the influence they get from personal experience or from others.and this is impaction because are able to accept the past and move with their life's.they use their current to dissect their past performance and as results ends up thinking backwards and not forward .they think away from success towards failure.Change your definition of the word failure or success.

failure-is the stoppage ,breakdown in the process of approaching your success.and you only become a failure when you fail to understand that stoppage is just a symbol to show that your success is a head of failure and you give up.''failure and success are the products of the same process'' live real life and not by the histories but use histories to make a difference

i.e don't live your parents life or your relatives life. Don't perform poorly because of the perceptions of the others towards the school studying in.

Be an individual and place your history to look exotic to the ones in existence.>>>>>aim to make and diffrence from everything that you get don't leave as a copyright - live an original you and in your own uniqueness .as you know "

Our strength lies in our differences ‘and weaknesses in our similarities"remain outstanding standard while others are standing-;)smiley

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Think, Africa. Kenya...Think!

French_FreddyPosted by Fred Wed, June 13, 2012 04:35PM

As an idealist pacifist humanist with a barrage of flaws and contradictory ideas, running away from some notion of peculiar perfectionist ideals, I believe nothing is impossible. We think it and so it is. I think impossible, therefore it is.

Attitude is overrated and has highly been commercialized and sensationalized in the past odd decade or Kenya and Africa at large. We went from meek 'fuata Nyayoism' to overzealous 'Haki Yetu!isms' practically overnight, and in that way shifted the very tread-lines on the wheels of change.

All very well and good.

Where it became a problem was when, as is ever so blatantly obvious in Kenya and to a certain extent East Africa, attitude began being peddled as a commodity. As a brand that could be imbibed tele-kinetically without having to be practised and / or perfected.

I speak, good people and otherwise, about the Imagine This Nation campaigns, the Najivunias and Brand-Vision-Stimuli macho bravado we the chest-thumping buffoons and ignorance buffs have been drip-fed for so long now that even the smarter Kenyan / African - and I tread very lightly on the word smarter - has been relegated to an obliviously euphoric walking template convinced on premises of nonexistent Utopia.

This is not a script from Zombies™ ©, the reality TV show from your daily existence. Or lack thereof it. This is not about you. Neither is it about me, and especially not about me sitting here, cozied up in posh Kampalan Suburbia on the hospitality of a human who was a total stranger all of 15 hours ago. Much less about me poisoning you with lyrical logic.

It is about the Son of Africa. He may rise in the western bliss and dancing lights of hopeful horizons and fattening piggies and piggy banks, but he sets in the dingy dinghies in eastern docks, the cyclicly redundant errors of blissfully arrogant ignorance.

Think, Africa! Yes you are, you can and

are going to be alright.

All you need do, is think,


and actually,


"There is never failure, ever;

there is only ever feedback."

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Rising from The Hopeless Continent: The Business of Being Social

French_FreddyPosted by Fred Wed, June 13, 2012 04:30PM

Two weeks ago at Mindspeak, Bharat Thakrar said that ego and passion walk hand in hand; yet only when you learn to lead your ego and replicate your own successes in others can your truly be considered a leader.

Last week Thursday, at the Nairobi Serena Hotel, a forum was convened in which AIESEC Kenya Alumni were to discuss 'Social Business in East Africa'. Dubbed Innovation Cafe, the Business of Doing Good, the event coalesced student and startup, SME[1] and MNC[2] alike. Among the represented companies were Acumen Fund, Edge, Juhudi Kilimo, Growth Africa, Trademark East Africa and Taka Taka Solutions.

The event was a glorious success, and several key points are worth reiteration:

  • To solve huge social challenges, we need great solutions. This, simply, is the core value of Social Business (Social Entrepreneurship)
  • The structure of any social business must be permanent and self-sustaining. Think business modelling.
  • They must also be scalable
  • They cannot be inaccessible (Good Distribution)
  • Key sectors attracting funding today are:

- Health

- Urban Infrastructure

- Education

- Energy

- Access to Money and Financial Services

- Rural Innovation and Agribusiness

The panelists (Acumen Fund's Biju Mohandas, Taka Taka Solutions' David Paffenholz, Juhudi kilimo's Ghalib Hafiz) talked extensively about their social business ventures, and here are some of the highlights of what transpired:

Why do you do what you do?

Biju: About 10 years ago, The Economist published an article titled Africa: The Hopless Continent (actual date May 11, 2000). Recently, they published another article titled Africa Rising (actual date December 3, 2011). What they see now, we saw then.

How do you do what you do?

Ghalib: Our business model is one that finances productive income generating assets, as opposed to the old school of thought that finances working capital and consumption. As such, Juhudi Kilimo ensures that our clients' progression from poverty is one that is centralized on the new assets we finance, and not their pre-existing assets. In the event of default on a loan, the asset we financed acts as collateral, and in so doing our clients would not be left worse off. They are, in the event of such a scenario, simply taken back to their original state.

Paffenholz: Instead of simply transporting garbage to Dandora, we collect it, process it, sell processed goods, and take only 20% of the garbage collected to the dumpsite at Dandora. Therefore ensuring garbage is not simply relocated to a more convenient locale.

Why social business?

Biju: Because businesses have tried and failed to kickstart a resurgent Africa; Humanitarian Aid has faced similar constraints. We had to place ourselves in the middle ground. The increasing inequality, especially among the youth, has now resulted in Social Business becoming one of the fast emerging markets.

Paffenholz: There comes a time in a young visionary's life that they get bored building someone else's brand. Social business is the sexy business of our age, and it came naturally to me. I wanted to do good, and do it in a big way. You can build a fountain in one area and get to touch 500 people's lives, or build a water pipeline and touch a million's.

Ghalib: The timing has to be right. For me, after years in the corporate world, it felt like the right time when Juhudi started out in 2004.

Why is it that Kenyan citizens have not quite taken to Social Business initiatives, whereas in India, for instance, the people identify their own needs and come up with Social Businesses to address them?

Biju: Because we have more people in India perhaps? Really, though, Social Business takes a lot of time, communication and energy in getting the word out. The more exposure you can get, the better, before starting any Social Business.

What one idea do you have that is worth spreading?

Biju: Taka Taka Solutions. Their idea is truly innovative, which is why we as Acumen sought to partner with them.

Paffenholz: Survival, in any business, dictates that you be long-sighted. With the evolution that is Social Business today, you must be ready to weather the storm, and take on your business aspects academically.

Ghalib: It's not just about ideas, but execution. Be ready to take the idea to the next level.

What challenges have you had to overcome?

Biju: Money. As a changemaker you have to deal with the reality that it's not ever a matter of how lucrative the venture is. You also need to be at the right place at the right time, which once again means spending money you are not yet making. It's a delicate balance.

Paffenholz: Challenges already overcome? We're still facing them...ask me in ten years.

(10 years later, he continues...)

It takes blind belief at all times, because there will always be detractors in your way. As such, your highest intentions for the business must be clear at the beginning, and remain thus over time.

Ghalib: The rewards far exceed the challenges. If you believe in your vision, it must not always be financially rewarding at the startoff. I, for instance, saved for quite a while to come to Kenya, because I believed in the place...and the people.

How do you sell your dream?

Biju: Convince yourself. Then that ONE person will come on board eventually. You don't have to convince everybody. Out of 9.7 billion people maybe all you need to convince are 10. People, not billion. If among them you convince Obama, then [maybe] you can change the world.

Paffenholz: I agree with Biju. In addition, endorsements and awards also have a ripple effect: take advantage of them.

[Check out and apply for Acumen's East African Fellows Program here. Edge talents also have a business model competition ongoing, and there'll be an innovation conference on June 21st, as well as Acumen's 2012-2013 Fellowship Program Launch.]

Ghalib:Hard and soft skills must be part of your dream. Get your business model right, and court various agencies for fund generation.

Parting Shot?

Biju: We are all young. In this room, out there in the streets. We are a subsection of the future. Believe in yourself. Be ethical. Inspire.

Paffenholz: We are expanding and will soon be hiring. Get in touch.

Ghalib: I'm going to echo Biju and David...we are also hiring.

Credit to AIESEC Kenya's Rose Thuo, Bosibori Nyambane and the whole team (including Edge's Manuela Muller, an AIESEC Kenya alumni and good friend) for a job well done. Any highlights left out will be included in a future post.


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Nixon' thoughtsPosted by Petie Nike (TNLC) Tue, June 12, 2012 06:13PM

Very grateful presentation from mahatria, trans-formative full of withheld revelation of withheld obvious truth to human life style. From mahatria's talk we really triggered to become conscious of the things that we know ,we experience and really affects as without knowing or when knowing. We understand ourselves more than other people can. Therefore its our responsibility to choose which are the best decisions we should take to solve conflicts within ourselves and among us.

“INTENTIONS” the purpose as to why we engage in different activities plays a big role in our lives .You should be able to think about what you have to put into the relationship and not what you want get from it.” giving is better than receiving. You look at how impactful are you to others for you to trace how successful you .i.e. by looking on the number of lives you have been able to change you can measure your success and not by looking at what you have gotten from your relation. Our expectation in relationship is very vital when not appropriate .i.e. expect to give and not to be given and you will find it easier ,stress free and unconditional love and peace possessed in you and those in your vicinity. E.g. when a father educates his sons and daughters with expectation of getting help from them when the are through with education and fails to get it or fill that he delaying to get then ,he may loose love and peace with his children because of the purpose he has to his children. But when he thinks on what is the best that he can do for the children ,will automatically have love and peace with the children and the family. .i.e. think of your contribution in something and not your achievement in. But look at the impact of you contribution to measure you progress and effort.

“ACCEPTANCE “is the key to getting solution to situations in life. Accept your past because has passed and you cant do anything about it, accept yourself because you cannot change your being to someone else ,accept the situations you are in because you got nothing to do about it .e.g. a traffic .by accepting the fact that that particular thing is already in and you got no control over it, it gives you humble time to think about something else that is more constructive than think about the issue that is there for song that worsens your reactions builds up to Avery big problem. The more you hold on something the heavier it becomes and you are UN able to withstand. LEARN TO ACCEPT THE PASSED ,DROP THEM AND MOVE AHEAD.I.E “we should not use our present to dissect our passed but to construct our future.” use your today’s experience to create your tomorrow and not dissecting your yesterday and it has passed ‘’




Let’s accept our past, ourselves and others for us to find solutions and retain love peace within ourselves. Love for one and for others shows that we devoted in one spirit and created by the same GOD.WE SHOULD be able to demonstrate this love within us boldly to others and to ourselves. And this can be through the way we great one another in love and one spirit, through the way we interact with our fellows and our parents. We have to show full interest and commitment to whoever you are sharing with and not get influenced with anything e.g. youth tend to love their phones most than their parents and friends .and therefore tend to give half attention to their phone and half to you. This does not show love come respect to whoever in concern .and you find it deteriorates relationship.

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BLISS OF LOVE............

Petronilla's thoughtsPosted by pettie kaddie Tue, June 12, 2012 03:05PM
For anyone who ardently desires abundance in any sphere of human endeavour - spiritual, emotional and material, infinitheism is the path that provides breakthroughs and allows the human spirit to realize its humongous, boundless potential.
1). Lord you're always or always my God
2). Drop our EGO
3). Acceptance
4). Emotion (equation of Emotion)
5). Set your super standard values higher than what people expect from you
6). Relax
7). Enter in any relationship with what you want to give not what you are expecting in return.

I stand in AWE of MAHATRIA- transforming souls and human lives! he started it very simple and clear "Lord you're always or always my God" Insh'Allah!

we are all united in one spirit despite of our greatest EGO and our SUPER STANDARD VALUES; its only when we realize and DROP our ego that all things will come onto us freely, with ego all things tend to get away from us. In life we fail again and again because of our ego, we want people to see what we are doing and recognize us and what we want to get from it as return. Enter in any relationship with what you want to give and no t what you expect to get in it. This will lead to direct success in any relationship, be it in families, organizations, friendships, working places/partners and many others.

Emotions create great damages in our lives, where by there's simple equation of emotion which can turn tables very easily:
things we can't control +Acceptance= POSITIVE RESULTS
things we can't control + not accepting = NEGATIVE RESULTS
There are certain things we can't control and there's completely nothing we can do about them, like the perfumes one should use, whether it stay sunny or it rains, the congregation in your speeches, how people should treat you and many others- the only solution is to accept and continue. without acceptance its like when you stand under an orange tree to plunk mangoes, you can't continue coursing an orange tree for not giving you mangoes.
there's only two things you are supposed to do;
1). Either you face the reality and move a head to look for mangoes or
2). Accept to
plunk the oranges and get going
This is what most of us are facing in life, we stick on to the things that are wasting us and our time instead of looking for options or facing the reality of things by accepting what has happened and make change relax and move on with life making new steps in life.

In life we are used to only two columns of the happenings in our lives its either success or failure, right or wrong, adventure or explore, we have dropped the third column of MISSED OPPORTUNITIES! things we can't control plus not accepting are our missed opportunities! Despite of our missed opportunities we couldn't achieve today or do anything about them your Friday is today and your Sunday still to come tomorrow.

Today is your Friday you don't have peace tomorrow is your Sunday He is going to resurrect and give you peace

Today is your Friday you don't have money tomorrow is your Sunday He is going to resurrect and give you money

Today is your Friday you don't have education tomorrow is your Sunday He is going to resurrect and give you education

Today is your Friday you don't have friends tomorrow is your Sunday He is going to resurrect and give you friends

lastly and not most, if you feeling you are not loved, then your approach is wrong just try to love a little bit more people and you will realize how much you are loved!!!!

set your super standard values higher than what people expect from you

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